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In anticipation of the ending of lockdown, for Bexhill Dog Groomers:

Dogs may not have been groomed for up to 8 weeks when lockdown is finally ended.  Perhaps even longer?

So, how are things going to work out?  How will your dog groomer plan?

At Top to Tail Dog Groomers Bexhill, we are thinking along these lines:

First off, I will talk to people. 

I know my existing dogs and owners very well in most cases.  Some breeds should be able to last perfectly well, without a groom.  Never mind that they, like me, and a lot of others will either look as though they have had a home haircut which is well, wrong or they are looking like a shaggy sheep…appearances can be deceptive.  Other breeds on the other hand, are highly likely to need de-matting and other prompt attention.

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Shaggy dog coats may well need attention after lockdown
  • I will therefore have a rough working out of which dogs have been left the longest without attention-
  • I will text or call owners to confirm if what I think is the case, is correct or not
  • I will try to match offered slots to what I know owners are likely to be able to make
  • I will put dogs most in need foremost
  • I will be working for extended hours and will be keeping some slots free for new customers, to include one-off dogs, who are not going to become regular customers (this is about dogs first, after all)

This is what I think is a common sense approach, but I will be talking to clients and working out the practical bits after looking at the latest government guidelines.

I don’t expect to get it right first time, and comments are welcome.  I will do my best to get dogs seen, groomed and pads, ears, feet, tails and glands (if needed) done.  

In the meantime, and most importantly, there is information on our You Tube channel.

You can also refer to our page with the videos on as well, we will be uploading more.

Our contact details are here.

Thanks in advance, Lisa Harris, Owner/Manager, Top to Tail Dog Groomers.

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