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After lock down ends, then what?

Small businesses are likely to be out of lockdown first followed by larger businesses.

Dog groomers are usually small to medium businesses, save for those operating in national pet chain stores.

Larger businesses are planning to work within social distancing constraints.  So these elements are likely to be present in some if not all aspects of day to day life after lockdown.  

There will be similar implications when using public transport, and wearing PPE.

Maybe not as extensive as this from the BBC in relation to NHS staff, but you get the idea.

Dog grooming post Covid 19 lockdown?  

You are probably asking yourselves how this relates to what comes next after you are able to get out of lockdown…


dog wearing anti covid mask

There are different types of dog groomers:

HIgh street salons with a number of staff washing, and grooming dogs, with shared facilities and usually quite a high degree of direct and indirect contact within these facilities between both staff and dogs.  Think rubbing shoulders, think drying cabinets, think one way in and one way out…Risk management will be complex.

Mobile Dog Grooming Businesses whether franchise, or independent have not been asked to stop trading during the lockdown.  However the demands on them to observe good hygiene and solid protocols will be both relevant and necessary.

One to one dog grooming salons.  These are one in, one out type of operations.   They will have more in common, risk management wise with mobile dog groomers.  With similar implications.

Dog salons will present more challenging risk management demands.

Dog salons will have to implement social distancing.  At least that is what we are willing to lay money on. This will almost certainly relate to between staff contact and staff to customer as well as customer to customer contact.

It would be better if we had a clear idea what the risks were, but this is going to be an emerging picture.  

Secondary Covid-19 infections after lockdown for dog groomers?  Little is definitively known here. The precautionary approaches most being talked about will cover testing and tracing, as well as a quick response to closing down dangerous gatherings or events.  Such as mentioned by the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.

Scott Morrison Australia PM on easing lockdown

From this clip on YouTube.

There will also be the aspect of  potential contamination both inward bound and outward bound.  That is to say, customers will need to both keep their distance and possibly use PPE, whilst in the shop.  They will also have to take responsibility for their own anti covid hygiene when they leave the salon. We will have social duties and responsibilities to ourselves and families as well as those we come into contact with.  This will mean that dog owners should disinfect leads, collars, jackets and so forth, possibly together with the dog’s feet, prior to coming to the salon.

When they leave the salon, on return home the same issues will need to be addressed.

But hey, this has to be better than a dog needing emergency visits to groomers because of severe matting…under the Animal Welfare Act (2006).

Overall, if you are overawed by the prospect of getting your dog to the groomers and both remaining safe then you surely will not be alone. 

There are any number of people out there who either claim to know the answers, or shoot down what others are talking about.

A lot of fear and scaremongering is evident, too.

Everyone has a right to a voice, on the one hand.  On the other, just like all aspects of work and mixing in society, dog owners and dog groomers are going to have to observe government advice and do the best that they can to minimise risk and contamination.

Will it cost more to get your dog groomed?

This is going to be a developing picture.  

Added time to undertake disinfection procedures, and fewer dogs per day will both add costs for groomers and potentially decrease income.  Either that, or they will have to extend working hours. A thorny problem.

Help for you is available, to keep your dog healthy between grooms.  We would rather see a well cared for dog less frequently, if it is kept in good condition between grooms.  Our videos are there to help.  But your dog depends on you playing your part.  

Dog groomers are generally local businesses, and play a vital part in the lives of local dogs and their owners.  A workable way forward will have to be put in place.

We are all going to have to adapt and appreciate the others’ points of view.  It should be an interesting time.  

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