Dog Grooming Videos

Whether grooming your dog at home, unable to get to the groomers or you are on lock-down, we hope these videos may help?

Each article contains a link to a video.  These vary in length, but will show elements of general care, specific suggestions as to how to do things and more besides.

First off, a word: the videos have been created on the fly and have not been edited.   That would have involved lost time, and requests have been made for something “sooner rather than later”.  So, raw videos is the pay off.  Please be gentle with us on that front, at least.

If you are new to this stuff, this is the thinking behind the videos.

Start with how to find and remove matts and tangles from your dog.

Then go on to prepping each of the body areas: legs, head and body for bathing, and follow this up with how to bathe your dog.  You might then want to check out how to cut facial hair.  Particularly if you can’t see your dog’s eyes when they are looking in your direction.  That is always a give-away that attention is necessary.

We will be following up with more videos on how to trim your dog and other topics such as a healthy diet, and exercise regime.  

Lisa Harris is a City and Guilds Level III professional dog stylist.  Lisa has a diploma in canine health and nutrition.  She is also a dog lover with her own posse of Coton de Tulears.  

general articles
Lisa Harris

Grooming and Older Dogs

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general articles

Things a Dog Groomer knows

There are many things that an experienced, or intuitive dog groomer can pick up on from the dogs that they groom.  Grooming involves having a

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