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Top to Tail for Nervous Dogs

Many dogs become nervous of the grooming experience and that is very upsetting for the owner and for the dog.

Owners will have their own experience and it is important that we talk and work out what might be going on so I can address it, step by careful step-it is important for me when I take a dog on that has issues with grooming that I take time to work out where the problem is and begin to re build the dogs confidence.

This may well not be a quick fix, but taking it step by step ensures the best result.  
A one to one chat is important to work out a plan of action  and build in small sessions to de-sensitise the dog.  I will update you on how each groom as gone so you can be informed, and hopefully reassured as we all make progress.

Different aspects of the groom for specifically include:

*Calming the dog before bath time

*Aromatherapy shampoos to help calm

*Ensuring the dog is relaxed before the drying stage

*Calming diffusers are used during final groom

*Grooming will be halted if at any stage the dog is finding it too stressful

We all want the best outcome for our dogs and this is how we have found it works best at Top to Tail.

Older Dogs

Older dogs need more care taken .
A dog that is over 7-years will start to feel the trip to the groomers quite tiring and sometimes uncomfortable due to arthritis, and other issues as their body starts to age .
Here at Top to Tail we take that all into consideration making sure we adapt the groom to fit the age and stage of a dog . This might even mean splitting the grooming into smaller sessions.
I will always have a pre chat to make sure we are giving an older dog the right care . We have an orthopaedic bed to rest on during the groom and after  if needed.

The grooming space is kept at a constant temperature including washing , drying and warm towels-so that the older dog doesn’t get cold at any point.

Caring for your dog and every stage of its life is our top priority . seeing a dog from puppy to old dog is important for them as they build up trust .
As a groomer we arguably know your dogs better than most professionals.  We touch and groom every inch of your beloved dog from the top of its nose to the tip of its tail and every thing in between.

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