For Dogs it can be much more than a bad hair day

Both owners and dog groomers have responsibilities under the Animal Welfare Act (2006).

Read on to find out our take and what it means for you, when you use Top to Tail Dog Groomers, Bexhill on Sea.

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Finding the right groomer for your dog is something that you should devote both care and attention to.  Owners have an important part to play.  Aside from the issue of qualifications and experience, your dog has to feel happy with the groomer, the salon and the general environment.  This article and the PDF documents it links to are a good starting point. But they do not cover everything. 

We have dealt with how to care for your dog in the videos which you can find here

.  Again, they are starting points and not exhaustive.  But they do give the heads up as to what you as an owner can, and arguably must do, to keep your dog happy and healthy.  Appearances can be deceptive.  You have to look under the surface of your dog’s coat and skin.

Mats can form unseen.  If they are not removed, then skin irritation and even sores can result.  It is stressful to subject a dog to repeated pulling and cutting of mats.  It may be in the best interests of the dog that the coat is clipped off.  It might not be the cut that the owner wants, or expects- most groomers will inform the owner that a clip off will be necessary- but it should be what the dog needs.  

The dog groomer has a responsibility to the dog under the Animal Welfare Act (2006).

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This is both to ensure that they do not cause the dog pain, and that they do what is necessary within their role, to ease pain and suffering.  If a dog has a badly matted coat therefore, this would involve a clip off as the least damaging grooming option. This option will involve using a very short blade and it is possible that nicks may occur.  Owners should bear this in mind and give consideration to keeping their dogs frequently and thoroughly brushed.   Again our videos explain how.

Your dog is your best friend, after all.  This has become evident for both dog and non-dog owners during the period of lock down as a result of the Coronovirus.  How often has your dog been miserable towards you during this time?  No?  I thought not!

All customers sign a consent form when they use Top to Tail Bexhill.  Customers can be reassured that we do our utmost to both put the dog’s welfare first and communicate with owners as fully as we can.



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