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Puppy Packages

Getting a puppy is one of the most exciting times .
This little bundle of joy comes bouncing into our lives and it all starts to happen.
We are advised to socialise our puppy to many different experiences to help it grow into a well balanced and adjusted dog.
When it comes to grooming there isn’t much accessible advice available… For example on how important it is to acclimatise our puppy to the grooming experience with all of the smells, sounds and feelings .

There are many types of groomers and finding the right one for your precious  pup isn’t always easy.

Here at top to tail we offer a free consultation to get things started right.

We work out what you need ,what your puppy needs and put together a plan to socialise puppy to all that goes on .
Some puppies adapt quickly and some find it a little more daunting.
I work and understand each puppy and their needs  until they are ready for their first full groom .
A puppy will spend around 15 years being groomed get it right from the start and they will enjoy the experience.
Get it wrong and a dog will struggle to enjoy being groomed, or even worse come to fear it.
I also offer advice on brushing and what products are best for you puppy and their coat type  how to cope with matting. Preparing for the coat change  Etc.
There are also play sessions to make the time at Top to Tail fun-puppies and dogs want to feel happy and secure…
And we want a lovely groomed dog of course!
At Top to Tail we want to achieve both, and work hard to make it happen.

Introductory pricing- call for details.

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