Top to Tail Dog Groomers Covid 19 Updated May 2020

bexhill dog grooming top to tail dog groomers bexhill on sea covid 19 certification

We are doing our best to keep you, your pet, ourselves and by extension others, safe.

We comply with the practices and codes of conduct for the above certification.   We expect to be grooming less dogs in order to ensure safe practice.  We are using the products on this page as well as others to help us.  Read on for more details.  The additional costs and time are considerable, but well worth while, we are sure.  Although I have absorbed most of the costs, a nominal £2 extra charge will be payable on top of the previous charge for safeguarding yours and your dog’s welfare.

Here is a short video to explain the drop off and pick up service at Top to Tail, under the new guidelines.  Click on the video picture to view on YouTube.

covid 19 gate system video at top to tail dog groomers bexhill on sea
This is how we think things can work

Leucillin is used throughout, and is highly effective at killing germs on dogs and other animals.

We have also purchased a professional steam cleaner.  This is used for deep cleaning between appointments and at the beginning and end of the day.

Safe4 disinfectant is used as it is highly trusted and effective (see below for graphic and click on picture for more information).


We also use a UV steriliser on blades, scissors, combs and brushes after having used Barbicide where appropriate.

top to tail dog groomers bexhill on sea leucillin
Leucillin is highly effective click on the picture to go to the link to find out more....
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