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Ultrasonic teeth cleaning at Top to Tail... Because a dog's oral health is one of the keys to a healthy dog

“It is estimated that by the time they are two years old, 80% of dogs begin to show signs of oral disease.”

Prevention is better than cure: Ultrasonic teeth cleaning can help to ensure that your precious dog is not one of them.

Regular brushing and an appropriate diet help to maintain your dog’s dental and overall health.
This can be easy to forget and difficult to fit into our day to day routines.
This can be turned around by using Top to Tail’s ultrasonic teeth cleaning service.

Your dog can have bright teeth and healthy gums.

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning uses (inaudible) sonic pulses to clean the tooth and they also reach below the gum line, too.
The brush is simply held against each tooth in turn for a short interval.
Germs and bacteria are killed, and no physical brushing, noise or irritation is involved.
This reduces the stress for your dog. We always go at the dog’s pace and leave time for breaks and to relax.

Regular cleaning is preventive of more intrusive dental treatments and surgery.
Just like with us humans, dental health for dogs is the gateway to better overall health.

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Initial visit and consultation: £25
Single subsequent visit £15
10 pre-booked sessions £120
20 pre-booked sessions £200

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